Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

TV nowadays get smarter and smarter and is ever so evolving. Each generation it evolves and each year, thousands of newly built units are produced and hit in the market. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a micro console and a digital player that is developed by Amazon. It is small, petite to be exact, but very powerful. It is designed as an entertainment device to stream video and audio content. This device also allows the user to play video games with the help of the remote that is included in the package.

Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick


  • Users all over the world stated that this Amazon product is for effortless streaming of numerous and great movies, music, TV shows and many more.
  • Its 2GB RAM helps the user to have a browsing experience that is wonderful and perform task without difficulty.
  • Fire TV Stick can be connected to TV’s HDMI port for easy and enjoyable browsing for applications, channels, TV shows, which includes movies and games.
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick users say that they do not experience buffering because of the storage capacity and the built-in RAM, they start right away.
  • They also stated that even if they are far away from their home, even when they are in hotels or inside a dormitory, the Amazon Fire TV Stick works pretty well and serves them well. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick Review


  • Amazon Fire TV Stick brings the user to the world of online entertainment, includes large selection of shows, movies and many more.
  • Fire TV Stick is a very convenient way to enjoy Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO NOW, cut-rate movie rentals, on-demand and live sports, games, photos, music and more.
  • Users said that everything is fluid and fast about the Amazon Fire TV Stick, it is very responsive and has an instant search result.
  • Watching videos and movies is very enjoyable with the Fire TV Stick with congested captioning displayed.
  • Some users also said that the set up and installation of Fire TV Stick is easy and quick. The interface is easy and quick to use. Compared to other Amazon App built in any HDTV, streaming and interface is a lot faster, very polished interface.
  • The videos are also instant, it loads fast, and users won’t experience buffering or loading scenarios. Others also said that users can play some video games, casual games for fun and entertainment.

Fire TV Stick Review


  • The product is quite expensive. However, it is convenient and portable due to its size. It can also used in other places even if you are not home. It works well at dorms.
  • It is effective and efficient unlike other. No hassles and difficulties when using this Amazon product. The best thing about the product is that it gives instant result to the users.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Media Review


The base line is that the Amazon Fire TV Stick allows the user to access movies, photos and music as well as multiple games and many more with the use of television. A very user friendly device to make your media easily accessible and available in one place.

If you don’t already have a smart TV, Apple TV, or other media streaming hubs, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a pretty lucrative product to get what the other products that are currently out there provide along with the all-in-one media streaming from Amazon’s network of movies, music, television, games, etc., as well as other mainstream media service providers out there.

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