iPhone 6/6S CM4 Wallet Case Review

I purchased CM4’s Q Card wallet case 2 years ago when I first purchased my iPhone 6 Plus. So far this case has been amazing for me and my iPhone!

The Q Card case is a slim case with a very convenient leather “pouch” on the back to keep your ATM cards, IDs, and even cash in. I love this feature because I no longer need to carry a wallet on me to hold my essentials. One less thing to keep in my pocket. I am a minimalist when traveling so this case has been perfect for me.

iPhone 6/6S Q Card Wallet Case Review

In the phone case I keep my driver’s license and 3 ATM cards – 1 personal and 2 for business. It seems that 4 cards is the maximum that you can fit in the genuine leather card holder. You may be able to fit in more cards but it will stretch the leather and I don’t want to run the risk of ripping the seams. At first I only kept 3 cards in there. But once I shoved in a 4th card, the leather stretched out and keeping 3 cards in there would just slip out.

The case is a sleek style case that protects the phone all around the edges and just enough over the face of the screen to protect my ballistic tempered glass that covers the entire screen. I’ve dropped my phone several times while stepping out of our mid-sized SUV and forgetting my phone was on my lap. The CM4 case did it’s job in protecting my phone on all occasions. It is marketed to have medium grade shock protection on drops. So, so far so good as I don’t have any esthetic damage nor internal damage.

iPhone 6 CM4 Wallet Case

The case has all the necessary cutouts for the camera and input/out put holes for the lightning cable and headphone jack. I have not had any problems with plugging anything in so you will not need any extension adapters for peripherals. Volume and lock button molds are also accommodated for on the case but it is sometimes difficult to feel for the buttons, no big deal though.

Some people say that it is dangerous holding your ATM cards with your phone because if someone steals your phone, you lose “everything”. I beg the differ on security on this worry. I say that it’s a good idea in keeping both my phone and ATM cards together. If you think about it, your phone is a GPS tracking device, and if someone were to steal my iPhone I would just go on my laptop and turn on the “Find My iPhone” app. And presto! More than likely my cards will still be with my phone and it’ll be easier to find the little thief.

In all, I am very satisfied with my CM4 iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case. Slim, sleek, protective, and multifunctional – everything I need from my case.

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