Tech Armor’s Edge To Edge Ballistic Glass Review

Tech Armor's Edge To Edge Ballistic Glass Review

I was playing basketball at the park yesterday and had my Amazon Tap hanging on the fence bumpin’. I “Mcgivered” my iPhone to hang onto the Amazon Tap so that no one would step on my phone while playing. Well, no one stepped on it…

When I first got my iPhone 6 Plus there was not much tempered protective glass out on the market that covered the entire screen of the iPhone. Majority of the protective tempered glass available were the ones that left the edges of the screen glass exposed. I didn’t like those much because of the “unclean” look and they didn’t protect the edges. At that time I’ve seen a few of my co-workers with those screen protectors and the edge of their screens were scratched and cracked from drops or hitting it.

So, I sought a screen protector that covered the entire iPhone 6 Plus screen. Thankfully I found Tech Armor’s Edge-To-Edge Ballistic Glass screen protector. If I recall correctly, it was the only edge-to-edge protective glass for the 6 Plus at that time. Of course with Tech Armor’s brand name backing the product, I purchased it. And thankfully I did.

Tech Armor’s Hybrid Edge-To-Edge Ballistic Glass for the iPhone 6/6Plus/6s (available in both white and black color ways) covers the entire screen, obviously. In their official product listing on Amazon, it states that is is made with their “industry first” polymer blend. The benefits of the edge-to-edge glass is that it blocks out dirt and debris from sneaking under. The precision molded polymer and rounded corners are built so that the edges will keep from chipping. Of course with tempered glass screen protectors (or the like), they claim that if the mobile devices drops and the screen is impacted, the protective glass will absorb the impact and crack before the phone screen itself cracks.

The Edge-To-Edge Ballistic Glass was very easy to install. The package came with several cleaning items to clean and prep the glass for installation – alcohol wipe and stickies. The only challenging part of the install is to get everything aligned. The glass has all the necessary cutouts and transparencies for the front-facing camera ear speaker, and home button. I’ve misaligned it maybe twice and had to peel it off. Surprisingly it was easy to peel off and the adhesive coating didn’t wear off. Another great thing is no air bubbles!

The top and bottom of the screen protector has the colored trim whether it’s the white or black color way that you purchase. In all, when aligned and installed correctly, the look is very clean with no visible trim or glass outlines.

It fit perfectly with my CM4 phone case. Although, my friend has a different phone case and it pushes on the edges of the glass causing it to lift and have a visible air bubble. So be advised.

In all I was happy with it. Keyword “was”. Until it cracked. You see, yesterday no one stepped on my phone. But during a game the basketball flew into my Amazon Tap that was hanging and holding my phone. My phone dropped flat on the screen and crack! My ballistic tempered glass spider webbed! But, my iPhone screen was safe from harm! WHEW!

So it works! The Edge-To-Edge Ballistic Glass from Tech Armor actually does its job. And the best thing about it is, Tech Armor has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty! So I will be inquiring with Tech Armor to get a replacement screen protector!

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes in getting a placement glass. But I definitely recommend this particular protective Ballistic Glass from Tech Armor.

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