Kindle Product Reviews: Kindle, Kindle Paper White, Kindle Voyage, & Kindle For Kids

Kindle Product Reviews: Kindle, Kindle Paper White, Kindle Voyage, & Kindle For Kids

Kids this generation are really smart. They have brilliant minds and they learn fast. Some kids learn how to speak different kinds of languages by just reading or watching TV. With the help of smart devices, like smart TV, tablets and much more it helps them grow and learn much more. Kids enjoy reading especially when the one that they are reading is colorful. Amazon Kindle Products is the best choice for this kind of reading device. There are different kinds of Amazon Kindle for Kids. This includes the Kindle Paper White and the Kindle Voyage.


Kindle is light, small and perfect for reading.

Kindle Paper White

Kindle Paper White has a built in light that is adjustable, suitable for day and night reading. They said that contrasting any tablet the Kindle Paper White has no screen glare even when it is under a bright light of the sun.

Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage is avidly crafted for people who love to read. Users said that it has also a high-resolution where they can read the text like a hard copy.

Kindle Voyage Review

Kindle Voyage

Kindle For Kids

The Kindle for Kids is lighter and has the ability to hold thousands of different kinds of books. It power ups the brilliant mind of a young reader.

Kindle Kids

Kindle Kids


  • The Kindle PaperWhite is very friendly; it has a higher resolution where they can enjoy reading with their children.
  • It also has a massive selection of books for kids and for adults. They said that it is also very portable because it is very light weighted like a paper, and it can store thousands and millions of books.
  • It is very comfortable with one hand while reading because of its weight. The charging routine can be monthly because of the fact a single charge can last up to six weeks. This is why the users pick this kindle product because it can save electricity.
  • The Kindle PaperWhite is sharp and has a dark text where users can see letters easily; it can also take down notes and share notes.


  • The lighting is also adaptable, where the users can adjust it. Users said they love this Kindle product because of all the Kindle product the Kindle Voyage is the thinnest of all.
  • Like the Kindle Paper White, Kindle Voyage battery also last for about 6 weeks, not hours. There’s also a variety of choices where the user can choose to read. The effortless turning of the page and the design of the device is remarkable.
  • It has also dark text where the readers can easily read what they are reading. Like the Kindle Paper White, it can add, delete, edit, take down notes and even share it. Kindle is intentionally planned as a devoted e-reader.


  • The product is quite expensive to buy. Not all interested users can afford to buy one.
  • The Kindle for Kids includes the newest Kindle that is lack out of sponsored screensaver.
  • The product is designed only for reading; it has no distractions, unlike another tablet.


The product helps your little ones to correctly pronounced words and let them practice with the use of digital flashcards.

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